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Spiritual Explosion 

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2022 Spiritual Explosion 

Spiritual Explosion History 

The Spiritual Explosion founders are Rev. W. C. Kenan, and the late Lady Bertha Kenan. In 1975 God gave a vision to a man for Midland, Texas. A week long meeting was held to see the People of God of all races and faiths come together and experience the power of God in action; to see God meet their spiritual and physical needs.

That man, Rev. W.C. Kenan, Pastor of the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, stated, "The Lord impressed me with a need to bring people together across our nation to share the gospel of Jesus Christ."

The Spiritual Explosion (known as Four Nights of Heaven on Earth) has grown to encompass people not only in the West Texas area, but has spanned across the United States.

The Explosion has brought some of the greatest ministries we know in the work of the Lord to this area. It is designed to give the people an opportunity to witness different ministries. Many people who attend these services are saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, healed and delivered. God is truly in the midst of this meeting filling the void of hungry souls that desire Him.

In Retrospect

Over the past 38 years the Spiritual Explosion has enjoyed some of the most powerful ministries in the world. We have experienced such ministries as: International Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Bishop A. LeDell Thomas, Bishop J. Neaul Haynes, Apostle Richard Henton, Evang. Willie James Campbell, Evang. Juanita Sapp, Bishop Jerry Macklin, Bishop W.H. Watson, Evang. Rosie Haynes, Evang. Joyce Rodgers, Kim Burrell, Crystal Rucker, Timothy Wright, MDM & Voices, Milton Bingham, and Bishop Richard (Mr. Clean) White just to name a few.

All of these ministries have blessed our lives and we thank God for allowing them to be a part in the history of this God given ministry. We will continue to strive for excellence in ministry by bringing anointed men and women of God from across the nation to bless the people of God in our area.

Spiritual Explosion 40 Years In Review Video 

Watch the Spiritual Explosion 40 Years In Review Video.

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