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Some face-to-face services or meetings have been moved 

online or via conference call

Note: We are having some 

In-person Worship Services. Click here tfind out more.

Sunday School 

Join us In Person / Every Sunday @ 9:30 am for Prayer and Sunday School @ 10 am

If you can't join in person join by ConX 

Women's Class Conference Call Line: 1-605-313-4412 Access Code: 2768279#

Men's Class Conference Call Line: 1-667-770-1922 Access Code: 2421772#

Sunday Morning Worship 

Join us In Person / Every Sunday @ 11 am 


Join us Online - FTC via Zoom Video or Conference Call Line

Every Wed Night, Prayer & Bible Study @ 7 pm.  (Click Here for Lesson Packets for the week - if available)

Zoom Meeting: Go to the following link for online access:

online access:

or use the Phone conference line (ONLY): Call (346) 248-7799 - Access Code: 775 281 8389#. 

Friday (Noon Day Prayer)

Join us Friday @ 12 Noon

Dial: 1-712-770-5505

Access Code: 215882 #

(Please mute yourself if you are not talking).

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