Faith Temple Church 

"A friendly church that's different with a ministry of deliverence"

Are you a member, but have not become a part of a group or auxiliary in the church? Perhaps you see a need and know you can help to fill it. You may even already be part of one of the church's many organizations or groups, but are looking to help out in other ways.   Well, there are lots of opportunities to GET INVOLVED here at Faith Temple. The Bible admonishes us to be diligent workers, not forsaking the opportunities to assemble together and work in the gifts and talents God has blessed us with.  Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might- to the GLORY of GOD!   How Can I Get Involved?
Our Ministries - We Are Here to Serve You
Christian Education & Discipleship
  • Home and Foreign Mission (Monday @ 6 pm)
  • Mid-Week Bible Study (Wednesday @ 7 p.m)
  • Prayer and Bible Band (Tuesday @ 6 p.m)
  • Sunday School (Sunday @ 9:45 a.m)
  • Young People Willing Workers - YPWW (Sunday @ 6 p.m)
  • Young Woman Christian Counsel (YWCC) *
Men's & Women's Ministry
  • Faith Temple Brotherhood *
  • Women's Ministry *
Youth Ministry
  • Children's Church (During Sunday and Mid-Week Service)
  • Purity Class (Wednesday @ 7 p.m)
  • Sunshine Band (Saturday @ 12 noon)
Music / Worship
  • Children's Choir (Saturday @ 11 a.m)
  • Deliverance Choir (Tuesday @ 7:30 p.m)
  • Praise Dance *
  • Praise Team *
  • Men's Chorus (Wednesday @ 8:30 p.m)

  • Sound & Audio *
  • Worship / Screen Media *
  • Camera & Video *
  • Marketing/Branding Ministry *
Care & Outreach
  • Hospitality * 
  • Nursing Unit *
  • Usher Board *
  • Women On The Rise Ministry (Grant Request)
* Schedule To Be Announced

Faith Temple Church is affiliated with the

Church of God in Christ, Memphis, TN 

and Texas Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Lubbock, TX