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Our Mission

Our MISSION is to be a Bible based church, daily practicing biblical principles.

FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH provides dynamic ministry branded by excellence, generosity and compassion to Midland Texas and the Permian Basin.

Our Goal

The GOAL of FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH is to teach, train and present Holiness as given by God in His Holy Word. This will be accomplished through prayer, fasting and the teaching of the Word of God.

Faith Temple exist to be an example of righteous living and a demonstration of unity within the body of Christ while communicating the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone.

Our Purpose

FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH has a threefold purpose:

Evangelism, Worship and Discipleship.


Preaching the Bible & Winning the Lost

FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH is a Bible-based ministry. FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH lives and loves to explain and demonstrate the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ to someone who may have never known.


God is WORTHY to be praised

Special place is given to free expression of worship at FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH . Each week the faithful join in playing instruments, singing, clapping, dancing, and rejoicing in gratitude to God. Worship is our response to God, declaring His goodness; thanking Him for who He is and keeping our focus on living for Him.


Empowered through Education

FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH is an empowered church, ministering to a person’s spirituality and intellect. We share instruction and give tools to 

help you walk as strong individuals, effective in everyday life and in ministry. In addition to Christian education, life skills training is essential at 


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